Digital Illusions

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Artist’s Statement

I see myself as an illusionist. I create realistic looking scenes from scans of everyday objects and then blend the scans into a vision, or “snapshot” from my life experience. I envision a scene that I want to create, then I search for objects that have the right texture for my palette. For example, half a Brussels sprout becomes a moon, the grain from a wooden board becomes a ripple on a pond, and many layers of leather patches become a brick wall. I use no photography. Most of my works feature a moon and are set at dusk or at night, the times when your sight is likely to play tricks on you.My goal is to briefly challenge the viewer’s perception, to catch them off guard. Our eyes and brain work together to bring order to our world according to our life experiences. My art relies on the ability of the human brain to establish order from disparate visual clues. I work with color and light to bring out the beauty of the imagined scene. When I’m done I have a digital file made up of hundreds of layers. I condense this file into a single image and have it reproduced on archival photographic paper.
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